Digital marketing

Data beats opinions

Do you want to improve your activity in an efficient way across all digital channels?

Create unique content

Content Marketing

Content marketing is an efficient way to create valuable content that attracts leads and increase traffic to your website. It’s called “Content Marketing” because it uses an online material such as videos, blogs, and social media posts as a magnet to attract visitors and stimulate their interest in its product or service. We can achieve this by blogging, ebooks, infographics and webinars.

Get discovered by the people who need your product or service


Our goal is not only to get you more visibility on the search engines but also to drive desired traffic to your website that will convert. We have well-planed strategy to optimize your website content and select appropriate keywords targeted at your audience to make sure your content is found by desired users.

Send some, get some

E-mail Marketing

We create and manage branded emails to your prospects and clients you have acquired so far. At Bullean, we are great at creating HTML-based emails with subject lines that convert. Whether you are promoting an offer or simply reminding clients of your brand, we can help you create an effective email marketing and marketing automation strategies that will integrate with your website and brand.

Be first


If you want to be ranked immediately in search engines for your targeted keyword, Pay-Per-Click might be the thing for you. We can create your PPC campaign and strategize with you on how to best meet your PPC goals and budget. Our team will find best and most effective search terms for your business or product and help you to bring more and better traffic to your website.

Know your numbers

Analytics Repoting

We give a lot of attention to metrics. Following your numbers help us analyze and measure all results and provide you with detailed reports on your marketing strategy. This way, we get valuable data that helps us understand which are the main areas where you may need to make adjustments content and offers.